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biker babe

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biker babe

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biker babe

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Need some help in your search? Choose one of the main topics below or scroll through the list for answers to's most frequently asked questions. You can also visit our site map to find quicker and easier answers.


If you don't see your answer in the list below, please email customer service care:


Q: I forgot my username/password. Can you tell me what it is?

A: No problem! Just click Forgot your username or password? at the login area. Entering either your email address or username. Then your password will be mailed to your registered mailbox within a few minutes.

Q: Login problem

A:Your username and password are case-insensitive. Please make sure you input them correctly. This applies to you if you get the correct username or password. If the problem still exists, you may have turned the cookies off by accident. Then set cookies of your browser on.

Still need help? Contact us.

Q: How do I change my username/password?

A: Just go to My Account and follow the easy steps!

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•My Profile

Q: How do I Create a Profile?

A: Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes to go through the easy steps. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are, your lifestyle, and what counts most in a relationship. Our questionnaire will highlight your personality traits and interests and enable you to describe your personality even further in a brief narrative. Why wait? Create your profile today!

Q: How do I Update My Profile?

A: It's quick and easy to do! To update your profile, just click "my account" and follow the simple instructions.

Q: how do I modify my profile?

A: After logging in to MyAccount page, click "Edit my profile", and you will be able to change the information you want in your profile.

Q: Where is my favorite list ?

A: Please click "Who is My Favorite Proifles?", where you can see your favorite list.

Q: How do I delete my profile?

A: To cancel, please send email to or send email via our contact form.

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 •My Photos

Q: How do I post a photo?

A: makes it easy for you to post a photo. To upload a photo directly from your computer, simply go to the My Account, select "Upload/Edit My Photo(s) ", and follow the instructions.

Q: How long will it take for my photo to appear?

A: Normal posting time for photos is 24-72 hours. Our team must approve each photo to maintain the quality of matches available through

Q: I'm following all the guidelines and still having trouble posting photos. Any suggestions?

A: If you followed our Photo Guidelines and still have trouble posting your photo, please contact us.

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•Photo uploading requirements

  • Only Gif, Jpg (Jpeg),BMP or TIFF files can be processed
  • Maximum 1200x1000 pixels
  • Minimum 80x80 pixels
  • Maximum 500KB file size
  • No porn, unrelated, copyrighted photos.
  • Real, clear and nice-looking photos will get priority listing.
  • Your photos will be reviewed. Inappropriate photos will be deleted.

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Q: What is Search?

A: Searching allows you to specify the types of member profiles you want to see. You can conduct an unlimited number of searches by selecting the preferences and characteristics of your desired match. Start with zip code, age, and gender. Then narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyle practices, and relationship desires. Play around and try a variety of searches. You never know where you'll find your perfect match!

Q: Why am I not getting very many matches?

A: There are a number of ways to increase your number of matches. First make sure you have created a profile. Once you create your profile, our exclusive technology will compare your profile responses with those of other members to find the profiles that best match you. Already did that? The criteria in your profile may be too specific. Go to Search Profiles and try to broaden your match criteria. For example, if you have height requirements of 5'10" -6'0", try expanding those by a few inches.

Q: Why am I not getting very many/any responses?

A: Want to increase you chances of getting a response? Post a photo. Research shows that profiles with photos are 8 times more like to receive a response. When contacting other members, remember to tell more about yourself and ask questions. This gives your potential match even more reason to write back.

On the more technical side, Many people have more than one email address. Make sure you're using your registered e-mail address. If you're not receiving any responses at all, you may have a "Spamguard" in place that is keeping email from from reaching you. Check with your service provider.

If none of these solutions work, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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•Web-Based Emailing

Q: I am a guest. Do I have to become a gold member to reply to messages sent by others?

A: No. As a guest, you can reply to all messages sent to you.

Q: I am a guest. Can I initiate sending messages to others?

A: As a guest, you can not initiate sending messages to others. To do so, you need to become a gold member.

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Q: Why does the site seem to be slow?

A: If you're having trouble with the speed of our site, it's usually one of three things: may be experiencing technical difficulty. We know what it's like to be in a hurry to find love, but please try again later. The connection on your end may be the cause. Double-check your modem settings or connection speed to make sure you're connected at the highest possible internet connection rate. The internet itself may be experiencing a traffic jam. Try again at another time when the information highway may not be so heavily traveled.

Q:How does our Instant Messenger work?

A: Our Instant Mesenger(IM) is a Web-Based Flash messenger. You are not required to download and install our plugins. But you need your browser with Flash installed. 
Our Instant Messenger is a fun and easy way to communicate instantly with other users who are online now. You can click "Instant messenger/Online chat" to start our IM after you sign in "My Account". There will show up a window which includes the online users.You can chat with them by clicking their usernames respectively. If you want to log off, just close the online user list window.

We are improving our IM everyday. Any of your suggestion about it will be highly appreciated. Please feel free to send us your thoughts.

If you've done all this and continue to have difficulties, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

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•Enable cookies

Q:What should I do if I get the correct username or password, but still have trouble logging in?

A:You may have turned the cookies off by accident.Then please set cookies of your browser on.


A:1.Netscape Navigator 4.x (Windows and Mac):

Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
Click on Advanced in the list of topics on the left side of the window. The right side of the window should now display a series of checkboxes.
Find the box labeled Accept all cookies and make sure it is checked.
Click OK.

2.Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Version 5.xx

Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
Click the Security tab at the top of the window.
The box at the top of the window should read Internet Zone.
The bottom section of the Security window contains several buttons. Click the one marked Custom.
Scroll down the list of options until you see the Cookies heading.
In the Allow per-session cookies (not stored), click the Enabled button.
In the Allow cookies that are stored on your computer, click the Enabled button.
Click OK.

3.Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Version 6.xx

Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
Click the Privacy tab at the top of the window.
Make sure that the slider is set at a level not higher than Medium.
The bottom of the slider section of the Security window contains several buttons. Click the one marked Advanced.
In the new window under the Cookies section, check the box labeled Override automatic cookie handling.
Now you will see the other settings enabled and can be configured.
Under the First-party Cookies section, click the Accept button.
Under the Third-party Cookies section, click the Block button.
Check the box labeled Always allow session cookies.
Click OK.

4.Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac)

Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
On the left pane, under the Receiving Files section, click Cookies.
In the right pane, find the pull-down menu next to When receiving cookies and select Never ask.
Click OK.

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Q: How does my membership go?

A: Once you become a gold member, your subscription will be auto-renewed monthly for $9.95 only. Anytime you would like to choose a different subscription plan or terminate your subscription, please feel free to contact us at

Q: I want to sign on to your site but it's not secure.

A: Our website is very secure. Tens of thousands of members have used our payment system, which was provided by Verisign and CardService International. Both of them are public-traded companies on NASDAQ.

Q: I was considering upgrading my account and clicked on the Paypal option. I noted a few things that concerned me. First, it did not go through. Second you are not using a SSL. I do not like the idea of posting password and account information with security. Also Pay Pal recommends not to enter any information if the address line is not, which it was not.

A: As the best dating site, we offer a very secure environment for tens of thousands of our members. We have not encountered a single incident where the customer's information was compromised.

Our website is directed to You actually enter all your billing information at, not at our website. Please double check..

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•Gold member's privileges:

*Unlimited searches and contacts

*Unlimited anonymous emailing

*Unlimited instant messenger

*Priority of listing on search results pages

*View "Who is interested in me?"

*View "Who has viewed my profile?"

*Browse the list of newly registered users

*Dating advice and safety tips

*Faster customer service

*View last login time

*Remove unwanted profiles from search results

*Check daily news

*And many more...

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